Elephant Like

by: Damian Follow

This is Elephant, made primarily from a single surface of 6-rings (i.e. hexagonal rings), with some 5- and 7 rings where the surface is curved, and some 4-rings needed inside the tight curve of the trunk. Only the ears and tail are not part of the one surface, which has an edge only at the edge of the floor and the opening of the trunk.
Perhaps I should not have been surprised, but the more closely I copied the shape of a real elephant, the more stable and robust the construction.

These tubes (i.e. hollow) are made from little 6loops (the straight parts) and 5 or 7loops at the intersections. I made a YouTube tutoial for making them here: . Before attempting something like the elephant, it would pay to practice making tubes and balls from 5,6 and 7 rings.


  • Huffs - 3 years ago
    This is the coolest animal model I have ever seen.