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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@1302) - Where's the food? - Rice Bowl & Tea Cup

Rice Bowl (@951):
((6 x 65-ball Pentagons) + (5 x 60-ball Hexagons)) + (1-ball) + (5-ball) + (5 x 7-ball hexagon) + (5 x 44-ball quadrilateral)

Take one hemisphere (1/2) of the Geometry 9: Truncated Geometric Ball (HexaPents)

Add the following:
1 x 1-ball = Add 1-ball to the inside center bottom pentagon hole
5 x 1-ball = Add 5 balls to each of the outside pentagon center hole panels.
5 x 7-ball = Fill in inside hexagon panel hole with 7-ball hexagon to each of the 5 hexagon panels.
5 x 44-ball = Full in each gap between the top pentagons with a quadrilateral (7x4x4x4-balls double stack)

Tea Cup (@351):
(10 x 24-ball interlaced rings) + (3 x ((6-ball hexagon w/1-ball center) + (12-ball parallel ring) + (18-ball interlaced ring))

2 layers of the 3 layered interlaced base is placed inside the cup section.

Originally uploaded to Nov 1, 2010.


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