Tesla-X Fighter Craft (w/Mantaray) Like

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@384) - Tesla-X Fighter Craft.

Smaller fighter craft design.

Based on the Canard Fighter Craft technique.

Floating Effect = sitting on a cap riser.

Started to play with quadrilateral and single strand layering (with an aircraft in mind) and came up with this design. This one is based sort of on a manta ray shape.

It started out with a central two layered strand.Then for each layer outward, an inter-meshed (non-parallel) single strand chain (layer) was added to the sides. Then the next layer was added on top. Then repeat alternating top and bottom layers to create the staggered layering.

Wing layering follows same the alternating top and bottom layering scheme radiating outward with symmetric wing lines.

Rear engine is a pentagon attached to body using 5-ball pentagons. Tail are two 9-ball filled triangles. Wing tips are 12-ball center with a linked outer layer (folded in half), cockpit and nose are extended symmetric modeling using ball pairs to form the shape.

Originally uploaded to flickr: Nov 26, 2010.


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