Jeweled Fox Helmet of Magnetic Magicka Like

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@1051) - Jeweled Fox Helmet of Magnetic Magicka ... This is a light armor helmet that was inspired by the classic RPG games of Diablo, Skyrim, Hellgate London, etc... It is made out of gold, silver, and black NeoBalls along with some Zen Magnets ... The base dome of the helm is formed using four of my Tri-Oval subunits with the holes filled in. Horns were created using folded extended hexagons. The nose and rear neck plate protection were fashioned to look like scaled plate armor. The shape of the eye protection and the horns reminded me of a Fennec Fox ... hence, the name. This helm design is actually an extension that grew out of an original Viking helmet concept. The result is a keeper ... Build info here: ... originally created Apr 25, 2012.


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