Floating Cityscape on a distant planet Like

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@895) - Floating Cityscape on a distant planet.
Cityscape on a distant planet was constructed on a special anti-gravity platform floating above surface ...
Background Moon = amethyst crystal ball with color changing crystal light base. Lighting effects: multi-color LED flashlight. All shots done in camera with no post production ... This shot was done using dark blue light projection (multi-color LED flashlight source handheld from above in the dark), a black backdrop, blue foil origami paper base color, and black Lego risers under the Zen metal cards. The amethyst crystal ball was perched atop a color changing crystal light base and the shot was taken at the red color change instant. The reflective quality of the Zen Magnet balls gives a unique reflection of the black/blue/light colors to create a cool NeoBall-like blue color effect ... refer to the set to see the shot variations. ... Originally created July 25, 2011 and uploaded to flickr.


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