Light fighter variant 2 Tutorial Like

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All rights reserved to EraZorX I did not take this picture. He deserves a lot of credit because he did design it after all.

This design was made by EraZorX but he didn't make a tutorial so I decided to make one. I will make the Light fighter variant 3 tutorial in a bit but I'm still working on reverse engineering the Light fighter variant 1 so that one will take me longer to make a tutorial for. Once again all rights are reserved to EraZorx. His flicker: . My Flicker

What you need part 1

What you need part 2

Extra parts needed

1. Put the pieces on top of each other.

2. Turn the top hexagon into a circle by pressing on the edges slightly. Connect two of the stacked pieces like seen.

3. Connect all the other stacked together like so.

4. Only put the extra pieces on the top layer.(I cut the platform in half to make it fit on my plastic separater)

This is the bottom I only changed like 1 thing.

5. Put the last two extra pieces onto the rods.

6. Put the top pentagonal piece onto the other side of the rods like so.

This is what it will look like.

7. Place the pentagon, with the circular part on top of it, onto the platform like seen.

8. Place the rods however you want onto the wings.


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