Realistic Cut Diamond Like

by: MCPop Follow

Side View (On Table)

This is my first ever design on this website and this would be the first thing I have ever designed, but the first version of this was actually my first ever design. P.s. I'm sorry that the camera quality is bad I did this on a chrome book in the middle of my history class. p.p.s. I use micro magnets sorry that they are small. p.p.p.s. I would like to see what improvements you guys make to this thing so post a comment with your creation and maybe in the future I will add the improvements onto version 2!

Side View

Top View

Starting Items Needed

Starting Items Needed(Different angle)

1. Place trapezoids onto top part. The end result should look like a flower.

2. Turn the small pentagon into what you see.

The Small Pentagon creation(flipped over)

3. Connect the bottom of the diamond to the top as seen.

(Both Bottom And Top Put Together)

4. Flip the little trapezoids over on the diamond's top. Make sure to push lightly on the trapezoids to move their tops closer to the center.

5. Place the small pentagonal creation from step 2 as seen in the photo.

6. Connect the small pentagon creation to the tops of the other trapezoids. If the trapezoid tops don't make it to the pentagon creation then make sure to push the trapezoids toward it until they all touch the pentagon.

7. Done!