Interlaced Polyhedra V3 Like

by: CaptainKirkpatrick Follow

My build of an interlaced polyhedra V3. Built per Magnenaut's tutorial.


  • Ashley - 1 year 3 months ago
    How did I miss this one? It's a mammoth beauty. How long did it take you to build? If you had to rank the difficulty, what would it be out of 10 (1 being easiest)?
  • CaptainKirkpatrick - 1 year 3 months ago
    I think it took about 10-15 hours. It's hard to estimate since I did it in 4-5 sessions spread across 2 weeks. I would put the difficulty at about 7 or so. I succeeded on my first try but I already had experience building the interlaced stars (the precursor shape that leads into this one and accounts for 90% of the work). The interlaced stars I didn't get down until my 4th attempt.