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Made as a cube each face being a squeezed 8-dot square surrounded by a 12-dot ring. Best seen on top.

stages of evolution:
squeezed 8-dot ring (upper left)
wrapped by 12-dot ring (upper right)
make 6 of them and arrange them to the net of a cube
than fold it to cube

if two "squares" do not stick face to face (left) but interlaced (right, red dots) you have to invert the square (see next)

Just flip the 8-dot ring through the12-dot ring from bottom to top (not just turning it, tunnel through and than turn upside down). Than it sticks as wanted.

Illustrating the rhombicuboctahedron I had seen in it (red dots marking the corners). As celebrity baby better spelled like this: Rommy-Cubo-Theatron.


  • Ashley - 1 year 2 months ago
    Cool creation. It would be great if you could upload photos of the process to go with your instructions.

    Ps. The title is a celebrity baby name just waiting to happen. haha