C60 Spheres Like

by: Gustoph Follow

Each of these pictures are of designs based on C60 spheres. The C60 is an icosahedron, and an extremely versatile subunit with several contact points!

I ran out of magnets trying to complete this shape using only one mandala set. The obvious solution was simply to use some magnets from a different set. Unfortunately Zen Magnets closed it's doors before I could purchase a second Mandala from them, and NanoMagnetics isn't aloud to sell inside of Canada, so I have several different types of silver magnets, and don't want to mix them for fear of never separating them properly again... So I used greenish blueish buckyballs to complete this design! It's easy to separate the Chinese made magnets from my official Zens, when they are a different color!
Sure wish I could order some more high quality magnets, so I'd have more than just 8 sets of each kind...
I've got 5 mandala's but I just can't mix them up or I'll never separate them again... Any ideas Dotpedia users? I'd love some input on this problem!!!

This design used 8 sets of black Neocube magnets, 8 sets of Zen Magnets, 8 sets of silver Nanodots, 4 sets of red and 4 sets of blue Neoballs, and finally 8 sets of luminous Buckyballs... Granted I didn't use all 40 sets, but magnet mixing is a serious concern of mine!!!

Here you can see what a single C60 looks like before being joined with other C60's

This is a whole mandala set (8 sets) of black Neocube magnets transformed into c60 spheres

This is 8 full sets turned into c60 spheres! This picture was taken before the black started rubbing off the magnets... They are slightly more silver these days!


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