Buckminsterfullerene (aka Buckyball, C60, trunced icoshahedron) Like

by: eitantal777 Follow

A Bucky-ball...sorta. I was challenged by a colleague from work to build this geometry. This is the result of a Saturday's work after some experimentation.

This is different geometry than the commonly (mistakenly) known C60; This one is a truncated Icoshahedron, vs. truncated Dodecahedron.

Edit: After looking around, Turns out this was done before by Ledwatchman's. Mine doesn't have a centerpiece, but it still holds up.

It was built using Zen Magnets' new product - Micro Magnets. They're lovely! Get them!

In the process.

Placed next to a cup to show the scale.


  • Magnette - 1 year 6 months ago
    It's beautiful! Hard to believe it holds up. Likely in the top 20 hardest to squash creations. Out of 10, how difficult would you say this is?
  • eitantal777 - 1 year 6 months ago
    I'd say its 2/10.

    Doesn't make it an easy shape, tho. I only gave it 2 because of the scary monsters of magnet shapes out there that make this one look puny.