Polar Pen Like

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The shield in this dude's hand is actually a Canadian Quarter... 25ยข

The Polar Pen is an amazing little gadget that uses neodymium magnets to hold itself together. It comes with 13 cylindrical magnets, and 12 steel balls of 3 different sizes. It also includes 2 different sized capacitive tips, to be used as a stylus on a touch screen device.
I love messing around with my polar pen so much I ordered a couple of each different color available! They are great! Whenever I've got some time to kill these pens kill it quite nicely! Should the need arise for a pen while I'm messing around with my Polar Pen, one quick flick of the wrist and all the pieces snap right into place again and voila- there is a fully formed pen in my hand again! Just like magic!

This Ultimate Sphere is capped with oversized steel balls, supplied to me with my Polar Pens, instead if using simple rings of 5 magnets to fill the pentagonal openings...

Ultimate Sphere, beside the Not-So Ultimate Sphere, both capped with oversized steel balls from the Polar Pen kit, instead of simple rings of 5 magnets to plus each pentagonal opening.

I dunno if you can see it very well or not... But I ordered some 1x2mm cylinder magnets... 100 of them, and they aren't very good for anything except holding pictures to my fridge door... But they work surprisingly well as eyeballs on this cowboy or whatever he is...
Props to my mom... She isn't usually very excited about building stuff with my magnets... But she designed and executed this creation! Designed- put together... Executed- ripped him apart afterwards!!!


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