Hollow Cube Like

by: Gustoph Follow

This cube took 7 complete sets to make. It was real easy to piece together too! I made 7 cubes that were 6x6x6 then chopped them each into 3x3x3 cubes. Since I have a MFV Card from NanoMagnetics, finding the correct polarity was a synch! Once I pieced the top and bottom together, adding 4 vertical pieces on the corners wasn't hard, and eureka! I have a hollow cube!

My mom Susan was so impressed with the beauty and simplicity of my hollow cube, that I was able to talk her into giving it a shot and making one of her own! She used Neocubes for her hollow cube while I built mine with actual Zen Magnets. Great job mom! I know you never get too excited about building with my magnets, but you did a bang up job! Congrats mom!


  • Gustoph - 2 years 3 months ago
    The candles are only lit because I took this picture at like 8:00am. Every morning I light some candles on my living room table, and where the Mandala Boxes are on my table... Happens to be where I keep my magnets at all times! They are a permanent fixture in my living room.
    Since ZenMagnets is closing it's doors this week, I've been looking for a new supplier of magnets. Has anybody heard of Ningbo Newland Magnets Industrial from china? They have told me that I can purchase any strength magnet spheres from them... And I've got some N42 strength coming in the mail now! Regular Neoballs are N35, Zens are WAY MORE magnetic! Noticeably more magnetic... And they are only N38. So I decided to go up the scale a couple of spots, and instead of ordering N38 or N40 even... I've got N42s coming! Boo Yah! I'll let everybody know about the quality and strength of the Ningbo Newland Magnets as soon as I get em!!! Fingers crossed!!!