Solid Star Icosahedron in Sierpinski Triangle Cage Like

by: Gustoph Follow

There are no tutorials on YouTube or Dotpedia or even Flickr for this creation! It is a Gustoph original! But I can't take all of the credit... I had a helper who is 7 years old, that takes her magnet safety VERY seriously! Thanks Arianna for bringing the mandala set for the drive to Wallaceburg. Your my angel!

When I got my mandala set from Zen Magnets dot com, I read how this was not a normal small set of magnets... It isn't the "take for a drive in the car" kind of magnet set... Well I broke that rule! Every weekend I have to drive my daughter 45 minutes back to her mothers house...(long sad story) but this week gramma drove us, so Arianna and myself sat in the back seat where there was loads of room, and went to town! This icosohedron started its life as a simple C60 sphere. But then I doubled each of the pentagon rings, then added hexagonal rings ontop of that, then added triangles ontop that... After 4 or 5 layers of triangles my daughter decided it was looking ready for its cage, and that we were just about out of magnets! So the cage went on... And the rest is in the pictures! I can't believe how SOLID this shape is! I wouldn't figure that something made from 1619 little balls would hold together this well, but I'm telling you, we could go out in the yard and play catch with this thing and it wouldn't loose it's shape! Heck, we could probably use it for a basketball except it wouldn't bounce very well... But it would keep its shape! I guarantee that! I held this ball in my hand and squeezed with all my might... And it held strong! Solid shapes made from real zen magnets sure are sturdy! The big bad wolf couldn't blow this icosahedron down!


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