Caged Ultimate Sphere Like

by: Gustoph Follow

Thanks to KylarF for the original idea- this is kind of a DIRECT RIP OFF of his/her Caged Sphere ( I used three different colors for my ultimate sphere in the center of the Zen Magnet icosahedron. Strangely enough, the sphere in the center takes exactly the same number of magnets to make as the outer cage! I give this one a 9 out of 10 for difficulty, and a thumbs down for how unstable the shape is. My cage kept sticking to the inner sphere in places that weren't supposed to make contact, and made it impossible for me to set it down to make a base for it to rest upon


  • Gustoph - 1 year 5 months ago
    I won't be making this shape ever again... Unless I come across some new magnets... The black Neocube magnets I used for the Ultimate Sphere in this creation aren't black anymore. More of an off grey color... Anyways, if I make this design again I'm afraid I won't be able to separate the silver Zen Magnets from the cheaper-lower quality (also silver now) Neocube Magnets that used to be black.
    It's a shame that the color rubs off of EVERY type of magnet I've tested. Chinese Buckyballs, rubbed off. Zen Magnet Neocube, rubbed off, Official EXPENSIVE LOCALLY SOLD Buckyballs, rubbed off the fastest... Even the Luminous Buckyballs are oval shaped from wear and tear now...
    Guess I'll just stick with nickel silver when buying magnets from now on, that way there isn't any color to rub off and mixing them up won't be an issue.
    I may have to retire the magnets I already have once the new ones arrive!