Christian cross lattice, star of David unit Like

by: EdoTimmermans Follow

More pictures, video and a tutorial are shown on my Youtube video.


  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    Wow, quite spectacular! That's some subunit too. Very interesting way of twisting it. Wish I thought of it! These flexible creations can be really tricky. You somehow keep finding new ways to build even bigger and more complicated ones. :)
  • EdoTimmermans - 3 years ago
    Thank you, Ashley! Comments like this inspire me to continue my quest :) The unit has 2 layers, making this lattice quite strong.
  • Balgore - 3 years ago
    Now do it with the 51 dot solid star of david sub units, the hardest thing to make possible imo. ;) (don't actually, time will consume your soul if you make more than 1 of them lol).
  • EdoTimmermans - 3 years ago
    Thanks, Balgore :) I came up with that 51 dots 3D star of David myself, shown in my video '2 3D stars of David (= stellated octahedra or stella octangula), Ningboballs', so I know how tough it is to make it. It will not work for this lattice because the 3D star is different from the somewhat flat unit I used in the lattice, but otherwise I would give it a try, as I like crazy difficult builds.
    The by far hardest to make small shape I came across so far is a wormhole solid octahedron, shown in my video 'wormhole solids medium size' (the smallest one with edge size 7). It is so hard to make that I only succeeded once so far, I remember that on the way of getting there the whole thing was kind of messy, at the end it suddenly came together. I still have it, it is the only shape I'll never take apart! The cube shown in this video is madly challenging too, similarly hard to make as the 51 dots 3D star of David, but not as crazy difficult as the size 7 wormhole octahedron.
  • Balgore - 3 years ago
    Nice Edo. I checked out that wormhole octahedron, and it looks like a doozie lol. I will give it a try at some point and let you know how it goes. Although I have to extrapolate your larger sized tutorial down for the smaller one *shakes fists*, make a small version tutorial too! ;) lol.

    Oh also, during the tutorial for the large one, when you got to the hard middle layer, you were taking dots out, reshaping them with the pokey stick, etc... Then the end result just looked like a bunch of 9 triangles. So why not just place 9 triangles rather than go through all that jazz? (I figure there must be a reason to your madness).
  • EdoTimmermans - 3 years ago
    @ Balgore: I made a drawing for the 194 dots wormhole octahedron, I uploaded it as a creation named 'Hardest shape to make I know, wormhole octahedron'.
    In the bigger one I made those triangles that way in order to try at least to get the polarity aligned according to the original hexagon as much as possible in order to avoid polarity problems caused by adding the next hexagon. What you describe may work, yet you also may get horrendous polarity problems, feel free to try :)