Tutorial 'New' Diagonal Cube Like

by: KylarF Follow

This is a new version of the diagonal cube I came up with by accident. This one is not completely solid, uses 236 magnets and has the same magnetic field as Magnenaut's version :)

Step 1: create a hexagon/triangle with an edge-length of 2,3,2,3,2,3 (it is also possible with 3,4,3,4,3,4 - 578 magnets)

Step 2: create a second one and put them together interlocking

Step 3: repeat step 2 four times and bring them together as a tetrahedron. The edges that are three magnets long are touching

Step 4: create again hexagons (2,3,2,3,2,3) and put them down right across the corners (blue magnets)

Step 5: fill in the gaps with two lonely magnets (green magnets) and start to complete the tips (triangles across blue magnets)

Complete now the rest of the corners with triangles (green tips) and you will end up with a complete diagonal cube.


  • Nanodots - 3 years ago
    That is an extremely clever way to build this shape. It might even be a completely new technique. Congrats Kylar! Great tutorial too. Thanks for sharing.
  • KylarF - 3 years ago
    You are welcome Nanodots :)
    The main adventage from this technique is that the result - the diagonal cube - has a different polarity compared to the standart version. Thatswhy it is useable as a subunit for other designs like my 'Diagonal Icosahedron'...
  • Sheebom - 2 years 10 months ago
    Love it. Thanks !
  • KylarF - 2 years 10 months ago
    I'm glad this was useful for you Sheebom :)