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Initial experiment was to see how the magnetic field in the base affected the Gyro ... thought that the field actually changes around the base ... it doesn't really, only to auto-correct the center platform if it moves out of position. The idea of suspending the gyro above the magnetic platform therefore would not work since it will be attracted to the base platform and the base field does not rotate.

Summary, the base seems to only work with a north pole oriented upside down. The base keeps it in the stable levitation field. When moving the gyro around the base, the north pole points towards the base when within ~1 inch field distance. Outside of that distance, north points up like normal.

Fascinations Levitron Revolution (Floating Nanodots GYRO)

How this is done ... seems to a ring magnet surrounded by 4 super strong electromagnets in the base that when aligned with the fixed magnet in the floating platform continually adjusts till it locks onto it in the polar magnetic sweet spot and the perfect balance of the polar repelling keeps it floating. Amazing and different from the Levitron Top version, which requires it spinning at a constant velocity to keep it stable floating.

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Nanodots GYRO - Motion & Magnetism

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  • poolshark - 3 years ago
    ooohhhh, cool! I'm jealous of your toys! Love the Levitron, such a cool device.
  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    I'm also jealous of your toys. I can't seem to close my mouth, this is just too cool. Was it stable? Could you get it to spin?
  • tend2it - 3 years ago
    Don't be jealous ... the price has dropped from the original price tag back when I bought mine ... seen one below $70 now ... but beware of imitators ... Fascinations brand is known quality ... one day you will own one ... it is definitely one of the desktop jaw droppers to amaze anyone.

    The GYRO magnet is smaller than the platform magnet, so it floats a bit lower. Horizontal stability where the center of gravity is adjusted around the poles is perfect for a spin ... I should take a video of it. Vertical stability would not spin since the GYRO weight shifted slightly downward, making the magnet adjust (as seen in the closeup ... the magnet is no longer parallel to the base).