Stellated Octahedron (Star of David) Like

by: Balgore Follow

Hardest most impossible shape/sub-unit ever. Took me 1 hour to get perfect.

Good luck if you're going to attempt it lol.


  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    I love this shape with all my heart, but it causes me some serious rage quitting. Care to share a secret to help a sister out? :)
  • Balgore - 3 years ago
    Basically you have to make the center icosahedron with layers of hexagons, then you have to painstakingly attach 3-dot triangles to each face. Patience, patience, and patience is the key. Once you get down to 2-3 triangles left, that's when it gets the hardest, because if the polarity snaps, you will likely lose one or two other triangles in the process, setting you back further again. The more difficult it got, the more determined I got lol! So basically my tip is just don't give up! And if you need a break, take one and come back to it again later. It can be done! :)
  • Balgore - 3 years ago
    Oh I also pre-built the 3 dot triangles, and tried to "press" them on with a really tight grip, as opposed to wrapping them on with a chain. That way if the triangle was going to snap, I could just pull it off, and salvage the rest of it. Oh and by "3 dot triangles" I actually mean 4 dot tetrahedrons... Woops. lol
  • GalaxyTraveler - 3 years ago
    Congrats for succeeding! I know this little thing very well and I never disassembled it till today, once I made it :D