Honeycomb Hourglass Like

by: ilikedrums Follow

Made from 63 (42 dot) sub-units. This is one of my favourite creations, hope you enjoyed, rough music made by me, have fun and Conquer Them Dreams!

Nanodots have enraptured my heart, it's always wonderful to breathe life into an idea and watch it take form. There's never enough building time in a day, the possibilities are endless, spectacular, and captivating. Hi my name is Jesse, and i'm addicted to magnetic constructors lol.


  • Huffs - 3 years ago
    Wow the first shot really doesn't do it justice... .although that's really cool lighting.

    This goes perfectly with your awesome saying too. Like the sands through an hourglass, don't waste time! Live life or find a way to get to loving life.

    What's the difficulty on this btw? (1-10 being the hardest)