Wide mesh pillow cube (tutorial) Like

by: Damian Follow

larger cube

This is an alternative sort of pillow cube, with a wider mesh
(432 dots for the smaller cube)

smaller cube


  • Huffs - 3 years ago
    Great tutorial. I haven't had the patience for these types of builds. What's your secret (for not rage quitting)?
  • Damian - 3 years ago
    Thanks Huffs:) I have to finish the builds, or I wont know if my idea is going to work :-)
    Actually it's not the (Zen-like) activity of building that I find most infuriating - there are some MUCH worse examples (like some of the 3d lattices) that would take that accolade.
    What actually is infuriating is when you spend hours making something, then set it up for photographing, and it slides off and pancakes on the floor (yesterday while i answered the door - stay tuned for something with a name like 'cylinder'). But even then, I just pick up the pieces and rebuild. I don't even swear* :-) The rebuilding is always much faster anyway, because you have things figured out.

  • MCPop - 1 year 3 months ago
    you failed to specify which version of the cube the tutorial is for i had high hopes on making the mini cube but you didn't count the magnets right or the tutorial is not for the small one or you messed the tutorial up. :/
  • Damian - 1 year 3 months ago
    Mcpop, just have a go at the small one (which, if you count the magnets in one side and multiply by six, you will see has about the right number). You can make various other sizes too, since this method is flexible that way