Single Stranded Torii (tutorial) Like

by: Damian Follow

Torus with star

96 dots for the small torus with no star.
The tutorial is in the photos below, the video is just a showcase.
There are many photos

Small Torus with star

Small Torus

Larger Torus

Black Torus

Silver Torus

The tube of the small torus is quite flexible. It is made entirely of pinched 12rings (bottom right in photo).

Start with an 8ring, click the points of the 12ring on every second gap. All the points now point away from the end, leaving an 8 ring showing on each end

Add more pinched 12rings to the stack.

To make the torus (I used 24 pinched 12rings), four more dots will need to be added to one end, so it can join the other end.

Small Torus with star. Adding the star is a bit tricky, because the magnetic field direction of the torus's inner magnets is awkward. Note that the tips of the star are twisted slightly.

Side View of Large torus

These are the two repeating units of the larger torus. They are irregular because the outside of the torus has longer lines.

Each point of one clicks into the centre of one side of the other.

Larger torii can be made, but if the tube diameter is larger then the curvature will be less. To compensate for this, a pinched loop with different length sides can be used.


  • Huffs - 3 years ago
    Your creations and images are the magnetic sphere equivalent of a Gordon Ramsay dish. Spot on, no bs, just straight to the dotting point. I admire your work. Thanks for sharing.
  • SoCalGal - 3 years ago
    I agree with Huffs, I am a huge fan of your work, Damian. Love the single strand delicate and beautiful! Thanks for always posting 'how-to's'.
  • Damian - 3 years ago
    Thank you Huffs and Socalgal :-) (especially since you had to scroll down so far to be nice)
  • GalaxyTraveler - 3 years ago
    Awesome shapes! Unique and beautiful :)