Egyptian Pyramid (tutorial) Like

by: Damian Follow

Square base pyramid
You cant quite see, but the base is (attractively!) curved (for reasons I have not really fathomed yet). It raises the pyramid slightly off the ground.
This is clearer in the video

385 dots will make a ten layer pyramid.
This is a four sided pyramid,and the layers are made of two sorts of concentric squares, starting with a 4 ring or a pinched 8ring.
In theory it can be any number of layers, but unless you have about ten, edge effects dominate, and the sides of the pyramid tend to peel away (the is shown more clearly in the video).

Larger version

Triangular base pyramid

The 2 sorts of layers, which alternate as you stack them up to make the pyramid.
Pinched 8ring centre on the left, 4ring centre on the right.
Each is shown with the begining of the next row of magnets being applied, to show how to start the process of adding another row around the inner squares. The dangling line of magnets must wrap around the rest of the inner square until it meets the end. This is clearer in the video.

layer with central 4ring. Note that the squares are concentric.

layer with central pinched 8ring (with the 8ring now expanded)


  • Ashley - 3 years ago
    Great tutorial. This is probably one of the most requested tutorials in my opinion. I can now send my friends this link :)
  • Damian - 3 years ago
    Ashley, requested by who, though? The only people I know of who do the magnets are from here on dotpedia, YouTube and Flickr