Sierpinski Icosahedron Fractal Like

by: ledwatchman Follow

A small icosahedron is used as a subunit to form a cluster of 12, and then 12 of these clusters form a bigger fractal shape, or self similar pattern. This shape corresponds to the 2nd iteration of the Sierpinski Icosahedron.

The little seamless icosahedron unit uses 42 balls

The central icosahedron sphere was needed to hold the clusters in place


  • Huffs - 4 years ago
    The cluster photo is really amazing. I've never through to do that. It really has a big impact.

    How do you light your creations for photos? It's something I've been struggling with lately.
  • ledwatchman - 4 years ago
    Thanks, I've been photographing by day in front of a window, with the indirect sunlight diffused through the canvas of a favourite mostly blue and white painting which you can see in the background of my recent photos and videos, it has a nice ambient effect on the lighting I think.
  • tend2it - 3 years ago
    This is awesome !!! ... the cluster structure is ingenious and that little 42-ball seamless icosahedron looks a lot more stable than the 48-ball sphere.
  • Gustoph - 1 year 3 months ago
    It reminds me of the quazicrystal hyper complex on YouTube. (
    Once again, you've succeeded in totally blowing my mind! Thank you!
    I really can't wait until I'm able to reproduce these crazy builds of yours! I'm placing orders for magnets as often as I'm able to, and just wait cause one day REAL soon you'll see some formiliar looking builds here on Dotpedia, with you as my original designer credit of course!!!