Wheel Tutorial Like

by: Damian Follow


This wheel spins on its stationary axle. The smaller version of it can be made with a single set (i.e. <216 dots)

small wheel (a slightly larger one can be made still with a single set - see video


small mushroom

side on view of axle

stacking arrangement, double-thickness axle plus two layer wheel or single thickness axle with three layer wheel

small wheel

double layer axle

wheel with now axle

end-on view

axle components

axle components


  • tend2it - 4 years ago
    WOW ... Awesome discovery and spot on tutorial ... I really like how you extended the stability of them as well ... my double layered larger versions never were stable when alternating polarity rings were added ... its been sitting under my nose all these years and I never noticed that it spun !
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    Thanks tend2it :-)
    I remember all those cars and tractors you made a while back (well I did after I looked back through your photos and found them again, anyway:) ). Also that recent monopoly car you made, which was the one I always insisted on using (decades ago) which was pretty cool ( I saw a few of those - I guess there was a zen magnet competition or something).
  • tend2it - 4 years ago
    Thanks Damian ... :oD
    Yes, that car was also my fav and it was for their 2 Set Classic Monopoly contest ... you should check out the ZM contest page ... ... from time to time, they open up the contests to any magnet type (like this month's July 2013 contest: 31: A Worthwhile Emblem) ... neocube is OK to use ... they are always fun and challenging and can score you some credit for more magnets.