Floating Point Star Like

by: Damian Follow

3 different stars in pentagons


  • SoCalGal - 4 years ago
    All very cool. I think the first one is my favorite.
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    socalgal, i think the weird effect around the central magnets is cool. it is the reflection ofthe outer structure
  • SoCalGal - 4 years ago
    You're right, it's that weird effect that makes it so cool.
  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    This is truly beautiful. I love how the star looks like it's levitating in some of the pics. Another amazing, inspiring creation Damian.
  • ilikedrums - 4 years ago
    That first picture is unbelievable, such good usage of reflections and negative space.
  • fayola - 4 years ago
    Pentagons for the win!