Mario Bros bad guys Like

by: poolshark Follow

I realize I've already posted 2 of these, I just wanted to have them all linked together.


  • ilikedrums - 4 years ago
    These have some serious character, great work man, I like the shadow effect on the question mark too
  • tend2it - 4 years ago
    My son recognized all of them without a problem ... a testament of your mad sculpture skills and attention to detail using great definition and creativity of color use.
  • poolshark - 4 years ago
    Thanks tend2it and ilikedrums! Growing up in a Mario age, I think these are about my favorite characters so far. Especially the man eating flower, I won't be destroying him for a little while. Sucks cause that's all the green I have, lol!
  • GalaxyTraveler - 4 years ago
    Great collection!