Reinforced Mega Dodecahedron Like

by: ilikedrums Follow

They were meant to be mixed.

You gotta love the spectra Mega Nanodots. 60 Mega Nanodots, and 240 original Nanodots make up this colourful mixed build. can also be made with 180 original, but isn't as strong.
The original Nanodots really add to the structural integrity of this shape.

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  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    Digging your dual dot creations. I've never seen a video shot outside quite like that. What a glisten!

    I definitely recommend that people sub to your YouTube account ->
  • Balgore - 4 years ago
    Yeah not many people use those bigger magnet balls, nice use of them for sure.
  • ilikedrums - 4 years ago
    Thanks guys, there's still many more new mixed builds to come ;)