Sacred Gems - SG- 93 & The Crown Jewel Like

by: ilikedrums Follow

Ohhh what I wouldn't do if I only had more Mega Nanodots...

Endless Possibilities

I have taken a liking to calling the Gem with more rounded features the "SG-93", and it's slightly pointer colleague the "Crown Jewel".

Conquer Your Dreams.

Special Guest Appearance by the Rhombic Triacontaheral lined Dodecahedron.


  • t1m - 4 years ago
    Lies@! That's not only 1 dot
  • ilikedrums - 4 years ago
    You caught me, the actual dot count is no longer hidden in a shroud of lies.
  • fayola - 4 years ago
    Very pretty, it actually looks like an exotic fruit.
  • ilikedrums - 4 years ago
    Thank you, it does kinda look like some type of rain forest spectra berry lol.
  • Gustoph - 1 year 4 months ago
    i ordered 4 packs of Buckybigs just so i could attempt making this! i think my Bigs are a different size than your Mega's tho... only slightly but close only counts in hand grenades and nuclear warfare!
    thanks for the post! im going to keep trying until i get something close to what you've inspired me with!!!