Mega Mandala Like

by: ilikedrums Follow

96 18-dot hexagons, stacked in groupings of 4.

Cut the stack with a card into 24 individual groupings of 4 hexagons.

Fold them.

This is our main sub-unit

Connected all of the sub-units into a strip, 2 units wide, and 12 long.

In order to continuously build to your hearts content, one must slowly learn the values of impermanence. Sometimes even the most beautiful or challenging shapes must be crushed so that you can create once more...
Not to mention it is quite fun.


  • waynehjr1 - 4 years ago
    Nice!!! Great example of the uses with the Mandala set. I did a few of my own, but this has a great visual t it..xD :)
  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    Love this sooo much! From the tutorial to the smushed blob at the end.

    Your last note is so true. In order to truly love this art/hobby/lifestyle, you have the come to terms with life itself (creation, struggle, growth, annihilation, and new beginning).
  • ilikedrums - 4 years ago
    Thank you both so kindly, interestingly enough this is made entirely of Nanodots, but I do expect to receive my first mandala set in the mail shortly, which means bigger builds are on the way ;)

    These magnetic tools of creative self expression are undoubtedly a very unique and effective learning tool to say the least lol
  • Balgore - 4 years ago
    lol I love the smashed up picture.
  • ilikedrums - 4 years ago
    Thanks man, you can still see the remnants of a few hexagons lol.