Easy Giant Lattce +tutorial Like

by: Damian Follow

slightly above the major diagonal view

This lattice is surprisingly easy to make. 442 dots for ONE SECTION of the lattice (slightly more than two sets). A lattice twice as wide, high and deep would take about 1920 dots. There is no reason why it couldn't be bigger.

view along the major diagonal

Many other shapes are aslo possible

single sectoin of lattice plus two more tags


  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    This is a great example of what you can do with about 2 sets. I absolutely love the outside shots.
  • fayola - 4 years ago
    Yay! You did a tutorial to my fav lattice. Much Thanks! I love anything simple and sweet in reality but still stunning.
  • Balgore - 4 years ago
    Great build man, it is nice seeing some stuff used with square sub-units. I have created a few square sub-units, using your ideas I can make similar but also different lattices. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    thanks Ashley and Fayola and Balgore :)
    Balgore, if you make something it would be great to see a video response (or at least pics). I've made several lattices along these lines, using rings or crosses and one case using octagons, that you might like to take a look at, which you could find on here, youtube or flickr (i'm 'damocs')
  • Wallowalla - 4 years ago
    this does NOT look ez...
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    wallowalla , watch the video - it's (relatively)easy! Compared to other giant lattices, it is a cinch:-)