Pentagons and Stars Like

by: fayola Follow

Just messing around with flat pentagons and pentagonal stars. the 2nd pic is a dodecahedron made with the pentagon.


  • Damian - 4 years ago
    I love the way your photographs emphasise the lines joining the dots. I made a stars tutorial somewhere, but you dont need it :)
  • fayola - 4 years ago
    All your tutorials have been so helpful! Sometime I come up with something and find out your way later but most times your tutorials are a great influence on my building style. In fact before I decided to get these little bundles of joy I bumped into a couple of your videos which did not sway me away one bit! Thanks!
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    Its hard to know how much prior (or native) ability I should assume watchers have. Sometimes I feel like i'm explaining really obvious stuff one second, and racing past difficult things shortly after. I tend to spend more time on the new aspects, and skimp on the boring parts you need to actually finish. Thats good for someone like you, but I guess theres others that find it irritating.
  • T1MS - 4 years ago
    I like the progression you posted in your first picture