The Perfect Cluster Ball Like

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This ball of cluster has a lot a mathematical coincidences. Let's start with the fact that it is made with exactly (144) 6 dot triangles (and only 144 triangles). How many months in a year? 12 and 12 is the square root of (144). This number just keeps on popping up Also 864 works out to be exactly 4 sets of (216). It is perfectly semetrical and can become the start of a great creation. Just think what can be done with 144 of these o.O ? lol.

The Tower of COLOR...almost ALL my dots are in this I just figured I'd add it here as it was just standing there distracting

Hmmm... could make a tree or a flower blooming out of its bud..just for


  • luba91 - 4 years ago
    Really nice.
    Symmetry, 6*12*12 and 4*216 comes, cause your build is hexahedron, octahedron or rhombic dodecahedron with 2^5*3^3. Think about it and of a polyhedron using exactly 1 set of 216 dots (tip: tetrahedra, cuboctahedra, ...).