25x25x25 Solid Isometric Cube Like

by: waynehjr1 Follow

Well not bad...considering all the different size dots (diameter wise) I had to use to create A couple edges are actually almost straight :)


  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    It looks simple, but to anyone who builds, they know it isn't. I bet the poles look ridiculous under an MFV. Thanks for sharing this solid beauty.
  • waynehjr1 - 4 years ago
    Actually it is fairly simple, just time The distortion in the piece is caused by using multiple size dots. I could have made it look even better (straighter) if I had simply mixed all the colors together (like some of my earlier works), but I have way too many of these now to sort out all the colors Back then I only had like 5000 dots or so and it'd take a good day of straight sorting to separate the colors (once they got all mixed up). Hate to imaging doing it with 17000 or

    Anyways now I keep all the colors together so the size difference really shows and creates the distortion shown. If it they were all mixed it would spread them out more instead of having them concentrated in specific areas. These color vary so much in size that when building this I had one color which must have been the smallest, already set in place and went to place one of the green color sets, but it was so big compared to the set I was placing it against that it was 1 whole dot less to go the same distance (23 dots in length) Another words it only took 22 dots to go the same distance as the other taking 23 dots

    This is what makes it a challenge lol. I'm slowly building up good sets of the same size, and quality, that's why I keep the all together so they don't get mixed up in addition to the whole separating issue I'd have to do :)

    Just checkout "The COLOR Cube" build I did it shows the size difference in the colors.