Snow Frost Apple Tree & Full Autumn Maple Like

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The in season fruitful tree has 414 (because of the snow frost, and the out of season tree has 390 dots. The Full Autumn Maple has 414 dots as well (because of the added height).

This shows both versions of the Snow Frost AppleTree. When in prime season it becomes fruitful and full of color. In the winter months it becomes a silvery frost color blending in with the surrounding terrain...xD :)

Poached Egg Lattice

Work in Progress - So far 3 layer Lattice Ball. Well actually starting ball & 2 layers of I figured the ball counts as one then the lattice would be two and so on..xD.

Might start over and add some color to at least the starting ball. with each added layer the ball kind of just blends in and can't be seen (at least in the pictures, I can see it in the real thing.


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