23 Dot/Side Multicolor Decagon and 19 Dot/Side Single Color Decagon Like

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This is my first build with my new dots. I was 70 dots shy of building a 20 dot/side single color solid decagon :( You can see the next layer to the right, which would have been the layer to bring it up to 20 dots/side.

I only used my new dots on this build. this took 6338 dots for the 19 dot/side decagon.

Scroll to the bottom to see how this build eventually becomes converted into a Fancy Pentagonal Trinket/Jewelry Box.

Now, this puppy is my biggest (dot wise) build to date, and heaviest by This puppy comes in at 10266 dots almost all my dots were used on this, leaving me with only 331 dots unused.

Com'on, don't be surprised. You know I just couldn't resist making a 20 sided star out of this Next up a 30 sided one...xD. Still deciding if I 'm going to attempt to add cutouts back into the star to create/add more layers to make it bigger (undecided, ATM). You can see all the extra dots I now have after the Gotta do something with them o.O lol.

This Star has 7745 dots

And here we are, the 30 sided star, which gave birth to (2) 11 dot/side

Without Flash

Without Flash

With Flash

With Flash

Well I took out all the colored and built it up to the biggest complete 30 Sided Star I could make in one single color for a nice 6824 dots. Next I'll add in all my dots to just how big I can make it (before I destroy

I now have added as many colored dots I could to make the biggest complete 30 sided star I can at this time, for a whopping 10098 dots xD

Here is one almost complete using every single dot I have ( 10600 dots ). Only needed 246 more dots to complete the last 2 points of the star.

Dismantling the star by cutting off the points in turn creating some unique shapes.

With all the points taken off, I now have a unique 30 sided pentagonal shaped creation.

A unique pentagonal style trinket/jewelry box, all one color (nickel plated).


  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    Two thumbs up!! How long did these geometric masterpieces take you to make?
  • waynehjr1 - 4 years ago
    About4-5 hours, I think. Not sure though didn't keep track. I know that's in the ballpark though (give or take).