Single polarity flexible tubes (tutorial) Like

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big tetrahedron frame

These tubes can be used to make shapes with faces that have and odd number of edges, like tetrahedrons and dodecahedrons, since the polarity of the tubes is the same at each end. They are not quite as flexible as the 'snake' tubes, but they do flex.
the video is long, but has a couple of tutorials - one for the little dodecahedron, and one showing a more generalised method to make tubes as fat and as long as you please.
I have found that care should be taken during construction that all the small squares (4rings) that are added should be squeezed to a diamond shape and the tip of the diamond put in the valley of the gap. If it contacts the peaks on either side first it can spoil the alignment of the magnets. If that happens, failure occurs as a cascade, and the whole tube unravells. Its interesting, but very annoying.

torus and small tetrahedron frame

some of the small blobs that can be made



dodecahedron frame


  • t1m - 4 years ago
    Wow this is really cool, How did you think of this?
  • Damian - 4 years ago
    t1m, after playing around with the little triangle chain, but also after building the elephant. The tubes here are essentially made of 4loops joined side to side. You can make single polarity tubes like this with 6rings, as with the elephant legs, or 6- and 4-rings, as in the elephant trunk. You can also make intersections in other ways, like T and Y and X and + and (etc)