A Funky Turtle Like

by: waynehjr1 Follow

In the midst of Attempting to create something, this little turtle arose. I figured I'd take some pictures of him before continuing on with my other creation...xD. I thought he was cute (or perhaps he's a she?


  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    April Fools on the person who has to sort this :| jkjk
  • waynehjr1 - 4 years ago
    Hmmm..errr...that'd be me o.O ...LOL. Ya know everytime I set that several hour time slot open to finally sort through all these, when I finally finish & see all 18 different colored sets organized nice on my desk, I almost don't want to use (knowing that eventually I'll be right back doing the same old several hour routine...xD

    Good news I have plenty of sets on order of just nickel plated that it should minimize this sorting routine. If I'm same, on bigger creations I'll just use the colored dots for the final layer... :)
  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    Sorry? hehe Mad respect that you actually took the time to do it. I saw your latest post. That's kind of amazing. And indeed, the nickel plated core sounds like a great idea. Enjoying your builds. Minus the poor Nanopad plastic :(
  • waynehjr1 - 4 years ago
    Ya ... has the bonus of experimentation, without having to worry about mixing up all the colors :)