Birth of a Star Like

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Front Side View of Starting Decagon. Each side is 16 Dots long. I ran out of enough Dots to make it 17 Dots long, which an odd number of Dots are required to make the Star. I'll cut out 2 sections first, which will give me enough Dots to complete the 17 long needed. I suppose I could have simply went with a 15 Dot long one, but where is the fun in that. Bigger Means

How to transform a Decagon into a 30 sided Star...xD !!! Sorry only pictorial, no video :( Maybe next

I am not actually sure exactly how many Dots are in this Decagon, but definitely well over 3000 but under 3500? Next time I'll count. I could do the math and figure it out, but to lazy today to do

Right Side View of Starting Decagon

Back Side View of Starting Decagon

Left Side View of Starting Decagon

First cut out to make the Star

This is the second cut displaying the card inserted to make the cut. Since this 16 Dots long I started cutout at 8 Dots from corner.

Another view of card inserted into the cutout area.

This view after adding one more layer to bring it up to what would have been a 17 Dot long decagon. For the remaining cutouts I'll now start the cutouts at 9 Dots from the corner. Basically cutting out 8 of them still.

You can see the overlap of the added layer as is folded down into the 2 previous cutouts. This brings the overall size to where it would have been, had I started out with a complete 17 Dot long Decagon. I know that's cheating, but when low on Dots you do what you can to get the most out of your creations...xD :)

Now we have all the side cutouts done, but we only have a 20 sided Star, and I said we were making a 30 sided one. This will require 2 more cutouts.

Here show the first of the two final cutouts to give us that 30 sided Star.

Back side in which the final cut will be taken from.

Displaying the final piece being removed.

Side View of a 30 Sided Star

Front(or back) side of the 30 Sided Star. Hope you can follow these images enough to create your own. You need to create a Decagon first (sorry not shown here). Enjoy and Have Fun...xD !!! :)

If you're really ambitious, you could take away 5 of the sides by cutting straight through the center of the Star. I guess you could now call it a 25 Sided Hollow Star? o.O

I did this as this will now be the base for my next project. Check back again, this next one could prove to be an interesting one.

Have fun...xD :)

A wider shot of the 25 Sided Hollow Star


  • Snowcrash - 4 years ago
    I wonder if it would be easier to build from square base pyramids?
    Cool shape and colours.
    And 3416 is the number you wanted. The next one up (17 a side) is 4097 or 19 sets
  • waynehjr1 - 4 years ago
    This might be true for the last picture of the hollow star, that is if there was a simple easy way to make a nice tightly fused square-base pyramid? o.O But not so easy for the solid star with the pentagon filled center?

    I have yet to find a simple easy way to do this myself -not to say there isn't a simple way to create a square-based pyramid, I just am unaware of the process.

    LOL that's why I couldn't quite make the whole 17/side decagon I only have 18 complete sets of 216 (one of each color (3888) I got a deal on them, so I didn't get the 4 spares/set ) but my cheat worked nicely as the full layer slipped on like a glove.

    You can actually add a complete layer to the completed star the same way, but hard to place the layer without a square edge to start from, but bit is possible :)
  • Snowcrash - 4 years ago
    The easiest way to make a square base pyramid is with triangles side on, as it were. I am assuming this, not done it.

    In a similar way to how you make a octahedron with various hexagons. Hexagons being more stable than triangles, it's sometimes best to leave the corners off of triangles and add them at the end.

    Or make the octahedron and cut it in half for 2 x pyramids.
    Check out tutorials here on how to build an octahedron.
    I've made one starting with a 8 side hex, 2255 total. I only have 11 sets though.
  • waynehjr1 - 4 years ago
    Yes, that is true. After I made this post yesterday, I experimented with creating the solid star with (5) octahedrons. This in theory seemed like a real easy way to create it, but as I found out if they vary even the slightest they don't quite line up as tightly formed as starting out with the decagon. (also given the fact that I'm using 18 different sets of different colors and some colors vary in size and strength, depending on the coating used. I know for a fact the white is noticably larger than the rest. I think the thickness of the coatings play some part as well. This is why my next order is all nickel

    I attempted to with just the (5) octahedrons as they were, which seemed to work out better than trying to put spacers in between each one (in an attempt that they would bond better). In either case the results were the same (they misaligned in spots and didn't have quite a strong bond).

    I haven't actually tried to do the hollow star with just the square based pyramids yet, that may be easier?

    I think starting out with the decagon creates such a tight bond (that cannot be duplicated as strongly) because of the constant addition of the dots in a circular fashion with each layer added it just creates s strong magnetic pull from the center out, with each additional layer.

    Just a theory though :)

    BTW: Thanks for the info on the square based pyramids. Not much in terms of tutorials on them. Loads of 3 sided ones though...xD :) I think the quickest and best way would be either splitting an octahedron in two or if want larger one continue building up the opposite side of the octahedron (essentially making the other side a bigger square based pyramid.
  • Snowcrash - 4 years ago
    I have 11 nickel and 2 coloured sets. Mine are coated and larger than the nickel and are chipping off. Have noticed the gold/silver (+ others) are plated but don't have any of them.

    What I'm after is a decent splitter or 2. I use an old credit card that I've now broken.