Smooth Flexible Tube (tutorial) Like

by: Damian Follow

The torus will rotate around its own circumference. Instructions for the larger diameter one are in the youtube, and another you tube on my site shows how to make the narrower one and the smaller cube.

the Ettamogah Cube!

How to begin the diameter 8 tube.
I can see how this diagram might just be confusing, but I am very interested to know if anybody actually finds it useful, so I know whether to keep doing them.


  • Ashley - 4 years ago
    This ettamogah cube tutorial is awesome. This is a fun build but it can be tricky the first time. Digging that breakdown diagram too.
  • dotpedia - 4 years ago
    Really like your diagram. Crystal clear :)
  • GalaxyTraveler - 4 years ago
    Excellent work! Very cool stuff you can do with it, nice photos and good tutorial!
  • fayola - 4 years ago
    Wow, love the tutorial, much thanks! Another awesome contribution to the community!
  • Balgore - 4 years ago
    So much potential with these, nice tutorial.