Small coin, big challenge ; rhythmic cube Like

by: EdoTimmermans Follow

For making the flat round coin I found such a complex method that I wonder if anyone can find an easier way to make it. I don't expect anyone will find an easier way soon, yet I may have overlooked an easy method. I invite you to try to make the coin before I place a tutorial on Youtube. Another interesting part of the video is that 2 shapes are shown that are pretty much equal in shape but very different in magnetic fields. Please watch the video to see that one of them can be used as a rhythmic instrument.
In case you manage to make a genuine coin without using a magnetic background, then please place a video on Youtube showing how you did it.

Left: rigth Right: wrong...


  • luba91 - 4 years ago
    I managed to do it in quite a fast/simple way.
  • tend2it - 4 years ago
    WOW ... I gotta try this one too ! ... looks GREAT !