Rhombic taco shell, shape 8 Like

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4 subunit-pieces ( at 60 spheres each + 6 spheres for the nose, so 246 in total. This one was a creative fun image-processing task. The background is completely self-made. I used a photo of the moon that I shot in the year 2006, achieved with my Fufi Finepix F30 compact-cam placed on top of a cheap telescope like that

It was the most difficult picture I ever shot, because first you have to find the moon by looking through the telesope, then you have to be very fast and try to place the cam (using a tripod) as precise as possible on top of the ocular, focus (which often failed) and start the self-timer. I think maybe 1 of 30 tries succeded reasonably (and just one of maybe 100 was really good). The problem is that everything is pretty unsteady. And the moon is fast as well when zoomed in that much, after approx. 30s it moved too far out of the sight field!


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