Digger Dozer v2 + v3 + Tractor Like

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@1070) - Digger Bulldozer ... Construction steps and more photos: ... This is the colored version of the Digger Bulldozer (Digger Dozer v1). It uses a combinations of Zen Magnets, NeoBalls, and Bucky Chromatics to show off a lot more detail that was lost in the original mono-chrome version. I chose the color combos to make the parts detail really stand out ... Digger Dozer v2 kept the straight scooper arms, increased the size of the scooper,. and added some top teeth ... Digger Dozer v3 modified the scooper arms to be more smaller bulldozers. This mod shortened the length enough to fit into a 4x7x4 inch display case ... Tractor is the dozer without the digger/scooper added.


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