Digger Bulldozer Like

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@1013) - Digger Bulldozer ... More build photos: ... New and improved version can be found here ... ... I've always had this design in the back of my head to do. After several attempts, this one came out the closest to what I had in mind. This little beauty has a little scooper blade in the front, wheels instead of caterpillar treads, a digger arm in the rear with two stabilizing legs on either side. It has a solid body using the same layering building technique I've used in the past (start with a parallel center and work your way outward adding details as part of the layering). The wheels were done using a hexagon layer on one side and an offset circular ring pattern on the other. The wheel axle height is compensated within the body using a notch. Because of the single strand magnetic field, the front roof supports could not be straightened out. Hard to see but there is a little seat for the driver inside the cab area, which is open. The weight of the entire thing is resting on the wheels, making it want to bow a little. One improvement would be to add a few magnets below the axle center to give a bit more support hidden between the wheels down to the ground. Uploaded from on Sept 29, 2012.


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