The Avengers (Thor's Hammer,Capt. America's Shield,IMs Mask) Like

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@557) - The Avengers ... This was made in anticipation of The Avengers DVD release on Sept 25, 2012 ... This hardware set includes Capt. America's shield, Thor's hammer, and Iron Man's helmet. ... (@220) - Capt. America's shield:(190-ball front) + (6-ball center inside support) + (24-ball middle ring support) ... (@168) - Thor's Hammer:
(6-ball x 4-ball width x 4-ball height) + (2 x 9-ball enders) + (11 x 4-ball ring handle) + (10-ball loop) ... (@~175) Iron Man's Helmet:- This was made with 3 layers capturing the overall shape of the mask. This is an estimate on the # of magnets used. Originally uploaded to flickr on Sept 24, 2012.


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