Space Cruiser Korellus Like

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@432) - Space Cruiser Korellus ... Lighting Effects: Multi-color LED flashlight and red and green lasers ... all shots done in camera ... meaning no post -processing done on the shots ... This 2-Set design was fashioned using a central parallel rigid stick method with layering and adding details projecting outward from the center ... building up layers and shapes with smaller additions using pinch and slide into place techniques and on the fly symmetric sculpting. This baby will be hard to duplicate and tear down since I didn't document the build steps as I went. Sorry, no tutorial. Perhaps I could make some build steps in the future. The 432 magnet limit proved to be a challenge to get enough distinctive definition in the overall shape. This craft was designed on-the-fly, without any reference material to go by. Slight variation from the previous shots: the two squares on the rear body section between the fin sections are rotated to straight instead of diagonal. Originally designed May 19, 2012 and uploaded to flickr.


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