Plated Sphere Like

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@368) - Plated Sphere ... This was made using (2 x (4 x 36-ball Tri-Rnd subunits = Hex-Rnd beginning before the folding)). Make two sets of 4 Tri-Rnd subunits, connect the 4 subunits together to form a 1/2 (circle side out), repeat with other side and join together ... make sure that the round circles do not touch each other. Then fill in each of the circles with a 6-ball ring to match alignment of the inside 6-ball ring. Then fill in the hole gaps with 4-ball squares diagonal to the 8-ball holes. Then fill in the 6-ball centers with 1-ball. Watch the Hex-Rnd Subunit Variations tutorial on how to make the Tri-Rnd subunit ... ... basically stop after making the triangular round step leaving the two ball tips of the triangle still attached ... Originally designed May 21, 2012 and uploaded to flickr.


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