Chess! Like

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The splitter cards in behind the chess board REALLY came in handy! Anyone who hasn't experienced a thin "credit" card when building with their magnets should really consider spending 12 bucks and getting NanoMagnetics's 3-pack of splitter cards! It even comes with a Magnetic Field Viewer card!

I recently received my new 16' Nanopad from the good people at (founders of Dotpedia for those of you who didn't know)
They also sent me some splitter cards, which came in handy while I was backwards engineering their picture of the Nanopad on their website! If you look closely, I think you'll find that 99% of my pieces are the same as theirs! Now that I've got the hang of it, I think I'll try my hand at some original chess pieces!

Each side of the board took 974 magnets, 44 of which were the accent color on the pieces.

4 sets of magnets plus 66 extra make up the solid color, then 44 accent magnets are used as well, totaling 974 magnets total per side of the board.

It was a toss up between red or blue-ish/green-ish Neoballs for the accents on the green side of the board. I thought red and green was kinda Christmas-ie but it stands out a lot better than the blue-ish/green-ish did!

I'm so glad that I have a Nanopad now! Thanks again to Yvette and her team as well as everybody at NanoMagnetics! Your company sells smiles and joy to people everywhere! The world is a better place thanks to your contribution!
I LOVE NANOMAGNETICS!!! (Creators of the nanodot family of magnets!)