Minecraft Creeper Like

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I decided to try my hand at a Minecraft Creeper. It's made from 2 sets plus 45 magnets totaling 477 magnets.

I did not use any tutorials or how-to videos making this Minecraft Creeper. It's completely free-hand, and I'm quite proud of it! (Even if it is just a first attempt)
Next time the spirit of Minecraft visits me, I won't just make clumps of cube-octahedrons. I'll form them into a landscape or a tree or something since that's what Minecraft is all about!
Truth be told, my daughter visits every weekend and she is about a year deep into the "Minecraft Phase" so I thought tonight she might help me build a few other Minecraft type things! I'll check back with update pictures after the weekend!

Close up! 470 Buckyballs, and 7 Luminescent Green Buckyball magnets!

Before he was an upset creeper. Now he's just mad! Look at that scowl!

Blobs of cubes!
Well... Blobs of cube-octahedrons...

864 Neocube magnets total. There are 8 red 54-dot cube-octahedrons & 8 cyan 54-dot cube-octahedron

1728 Zen Magnets total. There are thirty two 54 magnet cube-octahedrons

1728 Neoballs total. There are thirty two 54 magnet cube-octahedrons

1728 Neoballs total. There are thirty two 54 magnet cube-octahedrons

There we go! A Luminescent Green 477-dot Minecraft Creeper! My daughter Anna noticed the color as soon as she laid eyes on the original Creeper I made. So I put my nose to the grindstone and poof! Here we have it! A Luminescent Green 477-Buckyball Minecraft Creeper!

Close up of the Luminescent Green (that's glow in the dark FYI) 477-Buckyball Minecraft Creeper!
I like the green color, but because the magnets are not as spherical as Zen Magnets the shape isn't as sturdy. The corners like to pop up because every green magnet used is an egg shape. Time has made them oval instead of perfect spheres.


  • Gustoph - 1 year 4 months ago
    When I disassembled the creepers to separate the different colors of magnets I found that two of my blacks for missing. After about 45 minutes of my daughter, mother and I looking everywhere, we gave up. I have some spare black Neoballs that came when I ordered my original 8 sets of black, but I didn't want to use them because the rest of my black magnets are starting to loose their color... So my two spares REALLY stood out because they are still brand new and DEEP DARK black. After everyone went to bed for the night I locked up the house and was about to turn in myself when I noticed a sparkle coming from the ring on my keychain!
    Long story short- key rings will steal magnets, so don't toss a set into your pocket if you have keys in there too!!!
    My daughter Arianna was EXTREMELY happy this morning when she awoke to find all 8 sets of Black Neoballs were complete again! My Mom was happy too because she doesn't have to watch me order another set and then check it's tracking number every half hour! Haha!