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Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@1965) - Zen Castle

This was created for the January 2015 Zen Magnets Contest 43: Castle Construction ...

The design was conceived using geometric building blocks and numerous castle references for ideas. The overall castle content was condensed to limit the number of magnets needed. Its layout utilizes an cityscape upward tower design rather than spread out like the traditional ones. This allows for the Keep and Bailey to be housed in multi-floor buildings. Four Watchtowers and Battlement Walls protect the perimeter. The scale can be seen using the front gate as a reference (One 5mm ball is approximately 6 feet).

Component details:
(@0173) = Front Battlement Wall/Gate: (2x5x14 base)+(2x4 top points)+(6 arch)+(6+4+9 top)
(@0456) = Outside Watch Towers: 4x((7x8 base)+((2x4 bottom)+(2x12)+(6 floor)+(2x12)+(2x4 top))) -> (@114 each)
(@0234) = Front Bailey Towers: 2x((8x4)+(4x16))+((2x10)+22 center bridge) -> (@192 each tower)
(@0318) = Back Keep/Turret: (18x16 rings)+(6+12 floor)+(2x6 top)
(@0296) = Back Bailey Towers: 2x(12x12 squared corners + 4 topper) -> (@148 each tower)
(@0098) = Back Bailey Covered Turrets: 2x((4x6) + (2x8) + (2x4) + 1 tip) topper for Back Bailey Towers -> (@049 each)
(@0220) = Side Battlement Walls: 2x(5x(2x11)) -> (@110 each wall)
(@0170) = Rear Battlement Wall: (3x(2x11)+((2x15)+(2x4 center))+3x(2x11))
(@1965) Total => ~9 sets of 216 magnets.

Light projection done in camera with a Color Changing LED flashlight.


  • SoCalGal - 2 years 2 months ago
  • Gustoph - 2 years 2 months ago
    I'm not sure if you won January's contest or not with this design... But you definitely deserved the win! You castle is VERY impressive! It's kinda hard to believe that you made a castle TO SCALE, but it looks right to me! I'm not saying that I'm an expert on castles or anything... I'm saying your an expert at magnet designs! Way to go! Another design for the record books! Please keep them coming!
  • tend2it - 2 years 2 months ago
    @SoCalGal - Thanks ... :-D

    @Gustoph - Thanks ... I came in second ... 1st place was more detailed and larger scale and deserved it.
    I've been designing since 2010 ... so I have accumulated quite a few over the years ... if you haven't seen ... check out my flickr stuff here ...

    Also, if you haven't started already (since you are using Zens), you can score some free sets with your accepted designs here ...